Loo views

Loo views

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Travelling on

A rather different mooring today. That blue sign at top left of the photo is on the M6! I am pretending the roar is the sea. We are moored on the Oxford Canal about a mile from Hawksbury Junction, or Sutton Stop as boaters know it (named after the first lock keeper back in the working boat days). I intended to stop at the junction but no luck on visitors moorings. We walked back for a mooch round though. Here is what we just went through:

We have just spent an idyllic 3 days moored by bridge 13 on the Ashby. It was safe enough to let Bon (carefully) off the lead. The walks were just brilliant and the towpath was dry and wide. Here we are watching the washing dry!

Bonny has settled really well into our cruising life. She is so good on the roof and will put up with hours of cruising with no complaints.

These are her 3 favourite positions, right up the front when she thinks she is in charge, right in front of me when she is relaxed or patrolling the roof when something is happening!

The difference between the shallow Ashby and the wider, deeper Coventry Canal is marked and it didn't take us long to reach the junction. Now we are on the Oxford, a canal I am not familiar with so it feels like an even bigger adventure!