Loo views

Loo views

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Learning from my dog

As you can see from today's view from the loo, Bonny has found her spot in the hedgerow and will happily sit there waiting for passing wildlife for hours. There are lessons I can learn from her.

She lives entirely in the present moment. She doesn't miss the last mooring or our home mooring. She doesn't worry about when or where we are going next. She is utterly here, in this place, at this moment.

She is also amazingly patient. If she thinks there is a possibility of a rabbit or squirrel appearing then she can remain still for an hour or more. She doesn't lose heart. She doesn't think 'well maybe there is a better spot just further along', like I constantly do when I'm looking for a place to moor. She knows the value and contentment of 'good enough'.

She is also entirely aware. Her nose, her ears, her eyes are all working all the time. She is not only aware of the task she is engaged in, but also of where I am, if anyone else is here, of any possible threats and opportunities. She sucks the marrow out of every moment.

And when she finally settles down to rest, she lets herself go and surrenders to tiredness without fighting against it. She feels no guilt in lazing about!