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Loo views

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Making our mark on the world

What is it about human nature that makes us want to be noticed; to say 'I was here'? Is it just ego that drives us to leave a legacy so that future generations will know that we existed, even if it is just through graffiti on a wall?

Or is it perhaps our fear of death that makes us carve our names on a tree or on a park bench? If something of me is left behind then I am never entirely dead.

Some people devote their whole lives to making their mark upon the world, whether it be through the accumulation of wealth, the raising of children (a sure way of guaranteeing a form of immortality?) Or perhaps through spreading their religion or devoting themselves to charity or to setting some sort of record. There is the darker side too, those who will do anything for their moment in the spotlight, their claim to fame.

But what about those who glide silently through life? Who leave no clear footprint? They leave behind no children, no business, no group of converts, no wealth. They may do good for others but without fanfare, or they may just keep themselves to themselves. Are these people of less value? Perhaps by leaving no mark they are doing less harm to our planet or to their neighbour?

These were my ponderings today as I glide invisibly through the world.