Loo views

Loo views

Friday, 8 April 2016

Over confident energy?

I planned to do a lot today and although I managed to do all the things I wanted to, I think I rather overestimated what I could cope with!

We started off with an hours walk to the beautiful Middleton Hall in only mild drizzle. Then, after a quick cuppa and a check on the forecast (dry for the rest of the day), I set off down to Fazeley Junction. We watered up and then popped into Fazeley Mill Marina for diesel and gas. This marina is staffed by one of the friendliest and most cheerful women it has been my pleasure to meet.

It is fortunate my 13kg gas bottle lasts me around 6 months because they are very heavy and my gas locker hatch very small and I could feel my back and legs protesting as I swapped empty for full. Then off again just a wee way before mooring up and nipping to the nearby Tesco Express for essential supplies. I wish I had known that just above Glascote Locks there is a Co op right by the cut. Ah well, never mind, I'll know next time.

Another cuppa made and off we went again, cruising through Tamworth and struggling a bit with a heavy gate at the aforementioned locks. By this time the forecasted 'dry day' had gone from mild drizzle to full on downpour. On we went, hoping to moor at an excellent little spot just before Alvecote Priory, unfortunately someone else had spotted it first and there is only room on the arnco for one boat. However, just before Alvecote Marina I found a spot to stop. Just as well as Bonny had been on the roof for the best part of 5 hours, refusing to go inside, even though she was just about drowning in the rain! (I believe she doesn't think the boat can move unless she is on station!)

Inside for a late lunch and ready to collapse but Bonny had other ideas and she had been so very patient. So off we went around Pooley nature reserve. It didn't look like a very long round walk on the map but it ended up being over an hour. By the time I got back I had cramp in one leg, my back was aching and even Bonny was ready to stop.

Ah well only a few miles and the 11 locks of the Atherstone flight tomorrow. As I write this, Bonny is back on duty as she spotted a rabbit in the bank opposite our mooring and now has to watch until I force her in...


  1. What an energetic day! I love the image of Bonnie sitting on the roof as you make your way down the canal in the pouring rain thinking she has to be there to make the boat move.:-)

  2. Proper boating .... great stuff, well done I am sure you are enjoying it ?

    1. I really am, although my body is starting to feel it! Nev you know about this blogging thing, can you enlighten me about circles and collections?

    2. Mandy, not sure of either TBH, from google.... https://plus.google.com/+googleplus/posts/7ZpGWeou2sV