Loo views

Loo views

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Is it me or the Ashby?

I only moved one bridge today (no, not with my bare hands, I mean I only cruised for half a mile). I only did that a) to get a mobile phone signal and b) so I didn't have to walk far to the farm shop (where I spoilt myself by buying a steak).

I seem to be cruising more slowly, walking more slowly, even thinking more slowly! Is it because the Ashby is such a sleepy canal or am I starting to adjust to cruising life? It is two weeks since I started my journey and it still feels very much like a holiday rather than a new life. But my sleeping is improving, I am starting to find that having nothing to do is a blessing rather than a curse (except when the demon of puritan guilt rears its ugly head).

Is it possible that I shall slow down so much that I will just stop? I wouldn't like that, I don't think and Bonny certainly wouldn't.

I took this photo of my view from the loo just after the cute herd of Shetland ponies who had been peering at us, suddenly galloped off. I swear animals know when you pick up a camera!


  1. I guess you are relaxing into the adventure now.......

  2. That puritan guilt has a lot to answer for ...

    1. And having worked for the Church in a past life, I couldn't agree more!