Loo views

Loo views

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Feeling like part of a communuty

I had an early start today as there were a whole pile of boats moored near me, all pointing towards the Hillmorten Locks and I didn't fancy being at the back of the queue. As it was, a hire boat had got there just before me and it turned out it was their first flight of locks ever and they weren't sure what to do. I obviously offered to help and very quickly they worked out what to do - stop on the boat and let me work them through! By the third lock I had managed to get Mr Hirer involved but Mrs Hirer was having none of it!

Once clear of them and the locks, I mooched down towards Braunston, looking for somewhere pretty to moor. Well I certainly fell on my feet. Approaching bridge 81 I saw the welcome gleam of Armco and space near the handful of boats moored there. As I drew up two heads popped out of two different boats and greeted me by name! One knew me from Facebook, the other from this blog. 

It really warmed the cockles of my heart to have such a friendly greeting and to be invited in for a cuppa (thanks Sue!) I already feel I belong to a community of boaters online thanks to belonging to a couple of groups, but it's different when it's in the flesh! 

It is a popular mooring here and I can certainly see why. There are no roads nearby, the towpath is grassy, the view pastoral and there are walks in every direction. Bonny and my idea of a perfect place to stop. Sue's two collies made Bonny feel welcome and she has been outside for hours, although rain has recently stopped play.

There is a boat gathering at Braunston this weekend so that gives me the perfect excuse to stay out of the way and have the weekend here! We are only 3 miles away, so Bon and I may walk down to have a look at some point.


  1. How nice to find fans/friends and have a nice place to stay a while. Enjoy

  2. Sounds a lovely place to moor.

  3. Sounds a lovely place to moor.

  4. Lovely to meet you and Bonny Mandy..

    You asked me about laundrettes well here is the link to a great list that is always updated on that page. Yes it will cost you a fiver but very well worth it..