Loo views

Loo views

Monday, 18 April 2016

Good luck or bad?

Having moored up early to relax, I thought I better just do my weekly engine checks.

I don't know if to be cursing or thanking Providence. I found 2  very deep cracks in my alternator belt. 'Never mind' thinks I, being an organised boater I carry a spare. Would have helped if it was the right size!! So, super glued cracks in existing belt and phone nearby marina who think they may be able to source me a new one.

 Fortunately I am moored just past a winding hole so I'll reverse into it in the morning (if my belt holds) and retreat to the new marina at Market Bosworth. I think it will cost me a days mooring at least, but then hopefully I can get my laundry done. It's a hell of a lot better finding out this way, than have my belt snap mid manoeuvre! So on balance, I guess it's good luck I checked, good luck there is a marina nearby and good luck I stopped near a winding hole. On the other side, I wish my belt wasn't cracked and I wish the £21 I spent was not wasted on the wrong sized belt!