Loo views

Loo views

Tuesday 11 April 2017

We are out!

The first day of the cruise could not have started better. A sunny day with a cool breeze and a lock flight manned by more volunteer lock keepers than you could shake a windlass at! We were at Kings Bromley Marina for the necessary within a couple of hours.

It was a little tricky as both spots on the diesel dock were taken so I had to station hold in the exposed marina for 15 minutes. One of the boaters on the dock said "You're unlucky. It's usually me that's unlucky like that". To which I replied "I am starting a four month cruise today, I'm the luckiest person I know!"

There was another plus to having to wait. I have only taken the boat out once since November and so my confidence needed a bit of boosting. Managing to hold the boat in one place in a sideways breeze really helped with that.

We were a while in the marina but eventually managed to fill with diesel, empty of poo and get gas and wood. Then off towards Handsacre where there is a brilliant circular walk that Bonny loves. She hadn't been cruising all winter and yet she took up her accustomed place on the roof as if she was born to it!

So here we are, safely moored and gazing at the bright sunshine reflected up from the rape seed blossom. That'll do.

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