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Sunday 3 December 2017


It is two weeks today since I had the steroid injection in my foot and the result has been nothing short of miraculous! It was a very painful procedure, followed by a frustrating 48 hours of having to sit still with my foot up. The doctor said it would take two weeks or so before it really started to have an effect, but I started to get some relief from the pain within the first week.

Two weeks on and I can walk normally again for the first time since February. I am almost entirely pain free, although my heel will give me a jab if I'm trying to do too much. From today I can resume my stretching exercises. The steroids do not cure the condition, but they stop the inflammation and pain for a period of weeks or months. Meanwhile if I can keep my poor damaged tendon flexible and stretchy, then there is a possibility that the pain will not return.

It is amazing the difference being virtually pain free makes. My mood has lightened and despite the cold dark days of winter,  I feel bouncy and optimistic again. Physically I have regained my energy. I hadn't realised how drained I had become from coping with pain every day.

I am trying not to worry about the future and how long this recovery might last. I am trying very hard just to value today. The worst that can happen is that the inflammation will return once the injection wears off, which means I would have to continue having them to a maximum of three a year. The best is that this one injection, together with the exercises will do the trick. Here's hoping!