Loo views

Loo views

Monday 23 November 2015

Since I am out and about today I thought I better at least change the photo to an actual view from the loo!
I have to go and pump out my poo tank and fill the other tank with diesel at Kings Bromley Marina.
That meant that after work I donned my winter woolies and worked my way up Fradley Lock Flight. It was hard work, not just because all the locks were against me and it was chilly, but because each lock mouth had collected a whole heap of branches, plastic bags etc that needed scooping out before the boat could leave each lock.
I was so tired that I stopped at the top of the flight and will go to Kings Bromley tomorrow. The picture is from the mooring at Safehouse.


My laptop seems to have entirely died a death as far as the internet is concerned. The only time I managed to get connected and got a glimpse of this blog, I saw the dashboard icon. So it looks like I will be able to get the blog set up the way I want it, but only when I have a working laptop!
I'm going to try the laptop hospital one more time but if it is a lost cause, then I shall be waiting for the January sales before replacing it. Sigh...

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Frustration City!

I have not had much experience with blogs but the last one I set up seemed really straightforward to do. However there have been 'improvements' made since then and I am lost. I can't change the background, enter any info in the about me section. Ideally I want the posts to include a picture each time but it won't let me add a window for that.
I thought perhaps it was because I was trying to do it from my tablet, so this afternoon I dug my laptop out to have another go. Now my laptop is refusing to connect to the internet! It had a connection issue recently which necessitated a trip to the computer hospital and cost £80. Only a couple of weeks later and its sulking again. So it's being readmitted in the morning, hopefully at no cost.
Gosh, I hope the cruising is easier than setting this bleep bleep blog up!

Monday 16 November 2015

Not quite up and running!

2016 is the year I shall be free. I am giving up work at the end of March and then will cruise my 50' narrow boat around the inland waterway system for several months.
I have set up this blog as a record of the experience. I have never been totally free before and also, apart from my dog, Bonny I shall be doing it entirely alone.
Why view from the loo? Well, in previous trips out, I have taken photos of various mooring spots through my loo window. Then, as I do some of my best thinking on the loo, I have recorded my views, thoughts, musings and posted them on Facebook. These pictures and thoughts have been surpringly popular and many people encouraged me to start up this blog and publish my views regularly. So here it is.
I have started the blog now because I wanted the name before someone else snaffled it. However, I won't be starting my mammoth cruise until April, so I'm not sure what I will post before then. We shall see..