Loo views

Loo views

Saturday 22 April 2017

Accidental Heaven

....Or what you can find when you are willing to deviate from your plan!

I was intending to cruise up towards the Bosley flight of locks today. It was only going to take around three hours so an easy day. However I was just coming out of the other side of Congleton when we crossed an aqueduct with moorings and saw this view:

So without really thinking about it, I swerved into the side right there and tied up (after only about 90 minutes cruising).

After lunch Bonny and I went to explore a disused railway line leading down the valley and found this:

And this:

And this:

(That's my favourite!) It is a heavenly place, made more so by the first proper sun we have seen since we started our cruise.

Normally speaking I would have passed the mooring by a) because I had another destination in mind. b) There were other boats already moored there and c) it's very close to the town with lots of walkers and cyclists passing by. I am so glad I didn't let any of that stop me!

It made me think of life in general. How many wonderful experiences have I missed because I was too focused on my goals? How many chance encounters have I missed because of my prejudices? Perhaps if we all lived in the present moment more often we would all be a little happier and maybe even find our own 'accidential heavens'.

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