Loo views

Loo views

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Not too shabby

Now that's what I call a view from the loo!

We had the most glorious 3 days at Congleton. A phrase I never thought to utter! Not only were the walks and scenery magnificent, but almost everyone who walked past greeted us and most stopped for a chat. I thought it must be a lovely place to live. Not only that but we met two Cairns! One was a very big boy called Spike who rather took a shine to Bonny. The other was a very long haired little girl who turned into a fierce wolf around big dogs but found Bonny utterly unthreatening.

Today we moved on to Bosley. I thought I would be a bit sad when I turned around, as that was not the original plan. But having set the first lock and worked all four gates (as opposed to the usual three) and found my foot throbbing after only one lock, it was a relief to know I wasn't doing the next eleven. Instead I winded and went back down lock 1 and left the Bosley locks to those more able bodied than I currently am. We moored not far away in an idylic spot just as the sun came out. As you can see, my view from the loo is not too shabby!

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