Loo views

Loo views

Monday 17 April 2017

Easter Break

A bit of a square view from my loo but I wanted to catch the lambs playing in the field so I took it from above my loo! I found the most beautiful mooring at Burston and since the weather has been cold and drizzly and the canal busy, I decided to see the Easter weekend out here.

The other reason this mooring has given me a break is that, with a bend and bridge one side and reeds the other, I have had no one snuggle up to me for the last two nights which has been a relief after the night before!

It's the first time for weeks I haven't either had loads of pre-cruise jobs to do or haven't been actually cruising so it's been lovely to have a rest. Bonny has been a total 🌟 so far. She has had off lead walks and stayed with me. She has mooched around the mooring untethered and has stayed within sight of the boat. She had a wee moment this afternoon when I told her to come in and it took her a few minutes to obey, but this is a dog who used to take several hours to obey, so she's doing ok!

I'm still struggling a bit with pain in my heel (tendon damage) but I'm hoping it will improve now I'm not spending hours at work walking on hard floors.

Tomorrow I shall be tackling the Stone flight of locks and doing a spot of shopping. Then onto the larger locks at Stoke, followed by the dreaded Harecastle Tunnel, all 2926 yards of claustrophobic darkness!

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