Loo views

Loo views

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Slow and painful

A slow cruise today. I started fine, cruising to Stone through the water meadows. I then managed to find a space on visitors moorings while I went off shopping. Then off again but after getting through 2 locks, a volunteer lock keeper appeared to say I couldn't go any further as they were working on a gate, two locks up. He said it would be a couple of hours and I might as well tie up where I was. So, secured my boat and was just shutting things up when a boat came towards me having just come out of the next lock. "Yes they are working on the lock, but they are letting boats through". Good to be given accurate information!

So I woke my boat up again and put Bonny back on the roof and off we went. We were allowed into the poorly lock but once in, they asked us just to hang on a bit. Half an hour later, we exited the lock! I had intended to do the Meaford flight as well but by the time we were clear of Stone my foot was throbbing fit to burst.

I have an inflamed tendon in my heel and wear special insoles that help my foot position. It hasn't given me any trouble for a couple of years. However, since I started walking on the hard floors of Alrewas Hayes for my job, my right heel has flared up again. I was absolutely convinced that as soon as I stopped working and started cruising, all would be well again. But it has been a couple of weeks since I last worked and my heel is no better. The more I walk on it, the angrier it gets. So having walked Bonny, cruised, shopped, worked the locks and then walked Bonny again, I am in a lot of pain.

I am very disappointed and it is spoiling the cruise a bit as one of our joys is exploring new walks. I have resorted to anti inflammatories but I can't live on them! Ah well, hopefully it will feel better by morning.

By the way, those of you with an intimate knowledge of locks will know the picture above is not of one of the Stone Locks but it gives you a flavour of our temporary imprisonment.

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