Loo views

Loo views

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Ready to relax

I had to work hard to get to the Shroppie. I cruised a couple of miles and 3 locks to Compton, searched out the launderette and supermarket and thoroughly used both.

Then straight off again to the next lock and my first proper queue of the whole cruise so far. Then another delay as CRT was actually doing some dredging and we all had to station hold in the middle of the canal for 20 mins or so. The hire boat in front of me struggled with that and I think it put him off his stride, so that when we did move, he went at tick over and stopped dead at every bridge hole. Fortunately we got to a straight stretch and he graciously let me overtake.

I got to Autherley Junction where there was another delay at the stop lock to the Shropshire Union Canal. A boat thought it would be a good idea to enter the Shroppie for water and then reverse back up the canal, through the stop lock and then continue his journey on the Staffs and Worcester. Two problems, the junction was thick with boats entering and leaving and the man couldn't reverse to save his life. Unfortunately he seemed to blame the rest of us for his predicament and much abuse issued from his mouth. I ended up having to reverse back out and across the junction to let him out and even then he was rude whilst his wife kept apologising. I got the idea she has to do that a lot!

By the time I got onto the Shroppie there was a queue at the water point, so another wait before finally filling up and going on my way. I took it all as necessary payment to be on my favourite canal.

Today I am moored near Chillington Wharf. My chair is equipped for all weathers as you can see in the pic. I have clean clothes, a full fridge and water tank. I also have phone and TV reception as well as glorious walks in the Chillington estate woods. So I am stopping!

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