Loo views

Loo views

Monday 27 June 2016

Chilling at Chillington

For the first time since I started this cruise on the 3rd April, I actually managed to stop somewhere for more than a couple of days! Six days, to be precise, at the beautiful and secluded Chillington Wharf.

The weather has been mixed, as you can see from the picture; one minute lovely sunshine and the next a hail storm! But between the showers Bonny and I have had the most wonderful walks in the Chillington Estate woodland. Yes, it's been muddy and I have had to buy another tube of insect bite cream, but it has been so relaxing.

I have read a fair bit, caught up on my cleaning, spent quite a lot of time lying on my lounger, thinking deep thoughts and of course got into the whole EU thing. Sitting still is still a bit of a challenge for me. I begin to wonder what I'm doing with my life and the doubts and worries start to creep in. But if I don't take those passing thoughts too seriously and just let them float on by, then occasionally I get in touch with the deeper feelings of peace, joy and rightness that are lurking below my rational, ego driven mind.

I stayed until I needed water and to dump rubbish and so today I mooched to Brewood for a spot of shopping and then on to Wheaton Aston where I satisfied my need for water and dumping. Joy of joys I also managed to get onto the Turner's Garage mooring which meant I managed to fill my tank with the cheapest diesel on the cut... 52p a litre!

I am moored near Church Eaton now and will post some photos of Chillington when I get them out of my camera.

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