Loo views

Loo views

Friday 17 June 2016

More excitement than I expected

As you can see from the picture, we are moored by the remains of a round house. We should be moored in Kinver to visit the rock houses, but Kinver proved to be too exciting for me!

Yesterday Bonny and I had walked along a road and over a bridge near our mooring spot. This morning the bridge had disappeared and in its place was waist high water, courtesy of the River Stour spectacularly bursting its banks. On my return to the boat I could see water lapping amongst the undergrowth just a few inches down from the towpath.

We set off shortly afterwards! I reached our first lock and nearly lost the boat trying to tie to the lock bollards as a small tidal wave approached us. On checking the 10 foot deep lock, I soon discovered why. Someone had lifted all the paddles so the water was pouring 10 feet down and straight at us. I managed to get the boat into the lock, despite water pouring over the top gate.

Out of the lock, we cautiously cruised towards Kinver Lock. The river was racing by, just inches from us and then I started to see it lapping on and then over the towpath and into the canal. I decided not to stop at Kinver Visitors moorings as they were full. Not of boats, but of water! In fact I decided not to stop at Kinver at all as I met a waterways man who told me he left the paddles open on the lock to try and stop Kinver gardens from flooding!

Several more 10 foot locks and the river was still uncomfortably close, until at last I crossed it on an aqueduct (water being a little high for comfort) and mercifully from then on the canal headed away from the raging river.

I do have photos but in order to get them on here, I have to download them on my laptop and then Bluetooth each one onto my tablet, before uploading them onto this blog. (Don't ask). When I have recovered from the terrified excitement I will see what I have got.

It's such a shame as this section of the Staffs and Worcester is incredibly beautiful but so far I have not seen it at its best! One blessing, after such heavy rain for five days, we actually had a dry one today.


  1. Gosh, that does sound dramatic. We seem to have all the water here now. It's raining loads.

  2. Had a similar experience on the Trent and Mersey in summer 2004!

  3. Crikey Mandy, you're certainly having an adventure. Shame you missed Kinver Rock Cottages but plenty more chances another time. Better to keep safe.
    Hope it all settles down soon xx