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Friday 24 June 2016

Don't Panic

I generally try to talk about boating or existential matters on this blog, but the hysteria in some sections of the press and social media over our decision to leave the EU has moved me to comment.

This is not the day the world ends, the sky has not fallen in on us, the sun is still in the sky and we as a nation have not turned evil overnight. The press and politicians love a crisis. They love to keep us frightened because a frightened populace is easier to control. But we don't have to play their game.

Yes, undoubtedly there will be problems and challenges ahead, but then again when haven't there been? Yes, it may well mean we will be less rich and less influential as a country. But just perhaps that will force us to reconsider our priorities. We have voted to be independent of Europe. That will change us. So this will be a really good time to think about what sort of nation we want to become.

I think what is most important is that we as a people have that discussion together, as one nation. It is a horrible feeling when you have held a position with all your strength and then the vote goes against you. And for most people change and the unknown is frightening. For those wrapped up in big business it might feel like we just stepped off a precipice and for those who voted to leave, the temptation to crow may be overwhelming. But we are one nation and we need to come back together as one nation and start a conversation.

Above all, can we please not panic!!
Normal blog service will now be resumed.


  1. Well said. Let us not panic but keep going, and keep being the best we can be.

  2. Thank you Lynda and Chris. You do wonders for my confidence!