Loo views

Loo views

Friday 22 April 2016

Slowing to a halt

I have been cruising for nearly 3 weeks now and I am still struggling to accept that this is not just a holiday, where I need to keep going because I have a finite time before I need to be back. That means I have covered more distance so far than I intended to. There is also a fear in stopping for long, as who knows what thoughts may come when I have nothing to occupy (distract) myself with.

Yesterday we found a perfect mooring for Bon and I. The towpath is wide, dry and grassy. There are fields both sides with waymarked walks in every direction. There is even a good signal here for my phone and TV. So I am going to try and stay put for a few days. I know that today and perhaps even tomorrow will feel great, but then the itchy feet will set in and the need to be doing something will grow. Gosh, the puritan guilt regarding idleness is deeply ingrained!

The picture above is not of snow (although apparently a possibility this weekend) but of hawthorn blossom. I hope it doesn't turn cold for too long as I have run my supply of coal and wood right down. Ah well, there are always blankets.

Here is a view of our mooring in the only sunshine we are likely to see...

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