Loo views

Loo views

Saturday 16 January 2016

The ice cometh

I was due for my monthly cruise up to Kings Bromley Marina to pump out and diesel up this weekend. However, the ice has already started to form in the locks and on the wooded stretch between Shadehouse and Woodend and so I have to resort to plan b.
I keep an old portapotti for emergencies although the cassette is cracked. My friends have a spare though, so we shall be comparing bottoms later (to see if their bottom fits my top!) Another friend on the mooring has a manual pump out device, so if it looks like we will be iced in for a while, I can pump out into a barrel and then take the barrel to the elsen disposal station. Diesel wise I'm OK for a month or so, although I don't like my tank getting too low due to the increased risk of condensation and diesel bug.
Sorry for the focus on poo and fuel today, but these are prime considerations for a boater in winter!
Meanwhile I love the fact that it has finally stopped raining and the sun has made a reappearance. I love being able to walk Bonny and not having to bathe her every time we step out if the boat. I love the peaceful feeling the ice brings when all sensible creatures slow down, take it easy and perhaps even hibernate. I love the clear freshness of the air and the still feeling on the canal. So, as long as I have water, heating and a place to poo, bring it on!

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