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Loo views

Thursday 28 January 2016

A Quandary

I missed my last scheduled trip to pump out and diesel up due to ice. I then hurt my back hauling my poo across the lock, having done a manual pump out and have been nursing it since 17th ( my back, not my poo). I was intending to go this weekend but the forecast is now reporting very windy conditions in this area, up to 50mph on Monday. It is not safe to single hand my boat in those conditions.
I am due to go up to Kings Bromley Wharf for blacking on 14th February and am trying to work out whether my diesel will last that long, but its an awfully close call. I'm not sure how low you can go diesel wise before you start sucking crap through your engine.
The other solution is to collect a barrel of diesel from Bromley and empty out a barrel of poo. That would then tide me over. The only problem with that is my back. It's just starting to recover and I don't want to damage it again.
I love being a lone boater, but just occasionally I do miss having help!

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  1. Right, I have a plan. I will get a couple of cans of diesel and leave them in the car. Then on Sunday morning when the wind is due to quieten down for a couple of hours, I will take the boat to the lock bollards and then trolley the diesel to the boat. That will avoid having to carry the load over the lock. Meanwhile I will use the manual pump out again and leave the barrel on my mooring until either my back is better or I next move the boat.