Loo views

Loo views

Thursday 27 October 2016

At last, a view!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I have written anything here. This is mostly because I set up the blog to photograph and write about the different places I moor up when I'm out cruising. But since I got back from Devon, I haven't been anywhere! Instead I have been working hard to set up my dog walking venture.

This has been slow going and quite frustrating and over the last couple of days I recognised that I was in a bit of an emotional slump. Only one easy cure for the blues - go cruising! So I chucked some coal in my cratch, Bonny on the roof and off I went this morning. We have just moored up in one of our favourite spots near the woods at Hopwas.

What really cheered me up was the evidence here of a victory by the 'little' people. When we were last here in April, the entrances to the woods were barred by tall metal fences, barbed wire and Keep Out notices as a gravel company was planning to dig up the beautiful and ancient hillside. We, along with most of the locals ignored the barricades and continued to walk the woods. Petitions were signed and protests held. Six months later the metal fences, barbed wire and notices are all gone, to be replaced by an attractive wooden gate and footpath sign. The locals won and the gravel company have retreated (unfortunately, it seems, to my neck of the woods at Fradley Junction). So local communities can occasionally trump big business!

I'm only out till Sunday. I might toddle on to the Birmingham and Fazeley and moor by the water park, or I may stay here. Already my spirits are lifting.

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