Loo views

Loo views

Friday 28 October 2016

All better

Fishers Mill Bridge
I am completely restored! We had a lovely afternoon, exploring Hopwas Woods and then another romp this morning. Bonny was allowed off the lead in the woods, with squirrels everywhere. She was hysterical with excitement but still managed to retain enough self control to come whenever I called her back.

Then, after a restorative cuppa, we cruised through the woods, past Hopwas and down to Fazeley where we turned right onto the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. Just a few miles up is Fishers Mill Bridge, one of our favourite moorings as it is right beside a huge watery nature reserve. Having checked the fridge, I've decided to extend our mini cruise by a day so we can stay here for a day or so and return to Fradley on Monday.

It is miraculous what just a day cruising can do for my mood. All those worries that threaten to overwhelm me when I am stuck in one place, just melt away when I'm moving. All that matters is the water in front of me, my propeller keeping clear of obstructions and my ability to operate my boat safely and with consideration to others. I will have to remember how flimsy my worries are during the winter as I won't be going anywhere for at least two months when we are locked in due to stoppages.

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