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Loo views

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Fears coming out in dreams

I rarely remember my dreams but last night I had a humdinger of a nightmare. I was out on my cruise and had tied up at a lock landing. I left the boat to set the lock which took a wee while. When I returned I found my boat had sunk, right under the water. I ran off and found someone with a phone to summon help. When I went back, the boat had disappeared!

I ran up and down the bank asking anyone who would stop, where my boat had gone. A man told me someone had craned it out and driven off with it. I stood on the towpath in shock. My home was gone and with it, everything I owned in the world. Two young men approached and offered me a bed in their squat for the night. My dream ended with me lying on a ripped, stained mattress in a condemned building, wondering what on earth I was going to do come the morning.

Thank goodness Bonny hadn't featured in the dream, that would have made it so much worse! It doesn't take a genius to interpret this dream. I am obviously feeling anxious about this next stage in my life. Not so much the actual cruising but the vulnerable position into which my decisions are putting me. Quitting my job means no regular income, hence the dream of ending up destitute. Single handed cruising can carry it's own risks. And not knowing what my decisions will lead me to is echoed by the end of the dream.

Still, no reason not to carry on regardless. There was an advert a few years ago that carried the tag line 'Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams'. Quite.

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