Loo views

Loo views

Thursday 3 March 2016

4 weeks today till freedom

This is the gateway to my new life! I finish work four weeks today. Then, after a few necessary tasks, I shall leave my mooring and turn on to the Coventry Canal for my longest cruise since I bought the boat just over 7 years ago. You might call it my jubilee year!

My current plan (open to utterly changing of course) is to pootle down to the Ashby Canal and spend some time exploring the Battle of Bosworth fields. Then back to the Coventry and down onto the Oxford Canal. This will take me via Rugby, Braunston and Banbury to Oxford. I have friends living along the route and hope to see them as I mooch past.
Then I will retrace my boat steps as far as Napton, where I shall turn left onto the Grand Union Canal and face my first broad locks! Hopefully I will then meet up with my mega friends Roger and Shirleyann and together we will tackle the miriad of locks between there and Stratford Upon Avon, where we shall visit with The Bard.

If it hasn't rained for the entire trip thus far, we shall then cruise on the River Avon to Tewkesbury and then on the Severn, through Worcester to Stourport. I shall then resume my lone cruising up the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal and that is as far as my plan stretches so far.

I am so excited! I have started stockpiling stuff to avoid a lot of shopping once I'm out. I have serviced the engine and the boat has been blacked, so all ready for cruising. I need to speak to my friendly post master and arrange for my post to be forwarded occasionally to post offices on my route. Both Bonny and I will be clipped before we go so we will be smart boaters. There are various other jobs I need to get done but that all makes this time of waiting go quicker. So roll on April!