Loo views

Loo views

Friday, 12 February 2016

Arrived safe and sound.

Well I don't know what I was worried about! I had no problem with the weather today as I cruised into the marina for a long awaited pump out and diesel. Honestly, pumping out the poo tank when it's really full is a bit like having a dump after being constipated for ages; it feels sooo good.

I then had to transform from customer to employee and go off to clean the facilities. By the time I had finished and given Bon a lunchtime walk I was ready for a sit down, but no, off to the Wharf to await our blacking. One last obstacle was the incredibly silted up mooring space that I had to reverse into, I almost had to dig a channel to get her in! But we had arrived. Better than that almost was the fact that the lovely Matt from Phoenix Marine let me hook up to shore power for the weekend. It is the first time in over 6 years that I have been on mains electricity and it is very exciting!

Here we are at the Wharf and here is Bonny settling in!

She can even find something to hunt in a car park!