Loo views

Loo views

Saturday 14 April 2018

The Big Cruise 2018

After yet another week of wall to wall rain and mist, the sun has finally made an appearance. It couldn't have timed it's reappearance better, as Bonny and I set forth on our big cruise this morning.

We will be travelling for the next four months. I was originally planning to start by cruising around the Four Counties Ring, but thanks to the canal collapsing into the river on the Middlewich stretch, that's not going to happen. Instead we are travelling up my favourite canal, the Shropshire Union. Then I am braving the Llangollen for the second time. I say braving as there are some tricky lift bridges on this canal and last time I had a nasty accident
when I fell off one.

I suspect I cracked a bone on that occasion as a few months later I broke my leg and the two bones broke in opposite directions, which is very unusual. 

After retracing our steps we plan to meet our lovely friends, Roger and Shirleyann Andrews at Great Haywood, probably around the end of June. None of us have cruised the Caldon Canal and it is apparently very beautiful, so that's where we will go. After I have returned them to their car I will decide in which direction to go next.

Today's view from the loo is only a couple of hours from my home mooring. I stopped partly because Bonny was a bit stressed and needed to run off her excitement. Also because I needed to treat some rust on my roof and this is the first dry day to get the treatment on.

I travel with two welcome additions: a new mattress for my bed, replacing a 21 year old one. This is courtesy of my aforementioned friends as a reward for cat and house sitting in January. The second addition is a lower partial denture which gives me chewing teeth for the first time since November!

I will update this blog regularly with news and pictures and the odd musing. Mind you, it is harder to write this than Facebook posts. There I get loads of feedback but for some reason I get no comments at all posted on this blog. I have checked my settings and it seems to be set so that anyone can contribute, so maybe it's just not that interesting! Nemmind, I will write it for myself.

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