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Thursday 16 November 2017

Painful year

Before I have a whinge, I must say that I have been very lucky for 55 of my 56 years. I have had no serious or chronic illnesses. Although I've broken the odd bone they have all mended fine. So I know I am a lot more fortunate than many.

Having said that, I am heartily fed up. As I have mentioned previously in this blog I have suffered from a very sore heel since February this year. I tried everything I could think of to sort it out myself but I failed. So I have been down the GP, referred to hospital route. I have Plantur Fascitis with a heel spur that is poking into my tendon. This Sunday I am going to Burton Hospital to have a steroid injection. They hope that if they stop the constant inflammation it might not come back. We will see.

Whilst waiting I have also had a stinking cold and toothache. I went to the dentist today to get a replacement crown (for £245, thanks NHS) but my tooth disintegrated and the dentist spent nearly half an hour taking out all the bits. So, no crown, instead a denture beckons but unlikely to be done by Christmas (the gaping hole in my jaw has to mend first) and so I may be having a liquidised Christmas lunch. It's 3 hours later now and the injections have worn off and it feels like someone is smashing my jaw repeatedly with a hammer.

I promise I will never take pain free living for granted ever again. Pain shadows everything else. It is hard to appreciate the beautiful sights of autumn like the picture above when my focus is on my sore foot and mouth. It's difficult to keep a sunny mood when the clouds of pain gather every day without fail. But I am likely to be lucky. My mouth will settle down in a while and there is a chance that the heel injection will work and then I will once again experience a pain free day. Let's hope!

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