Loo views

Loo views

Friday 14 July 2017

A brief Grand Union stop

This is my current view from my galley rather than the loo, so through the square window rather than the round one!

I travelled down the Napton Locks this morning. The first couple were against me but then I kept meeting lovely people who were happy to open gates and have a chat. All except one young man in his 20's who stood fiddling with his windlass (as they do) and took exception to me asking if he minded opening the gate he was standing next to so I could exit the lock. He said 'I'm not a hire boater'. I was a bit confused by this out of the blue comment until he made it clear he doesn't take advice from women - not like a hire boater would! So I gave him some more 'advice' about his attitude and did the gates myself!

I bade a fond farewell to the South Oxford and travelled onto a short stretch of the Grand Union canal, grateful to finally have some water under my hull again! I have moored near Flecknow, a lovely peaceful spot with gently rolling hills and a mown towpath. It feels like civilization again.

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