Loo views

Loo views

Thursday 4 May 2017

Freedom from Power

I cruised passed a housing estate this morning. Hundreds of roofs all lifting their faces to the sun and yet I only spotted two with solar panels. So here is an idea for the next government:

Scrap those two deathly schemes Trident and HS2 and instead use the billions saved to cover every available roof with solar panels (or tiles). This would achieve the following:
A. Make every person who lives in a house instantly better off as, if they were careful about their consumption, they could virtually free themselves from energy bills.
B. Make this country so much greener in its energy production, thereby helping the planet.
C. Free us from the stranglehold of the energy companies and their robber baron ways.
D. Provide huge employment opportunities throughout the country, whether urban or rural, in manufacturing, supplying, fitting and maintaining all those panels.
E. Make people feel happier, freer and more in control.
F. We as a country would no longer be able to willy wave our nuclear weapons and we would not be able to get to Birmingham 20 minutes quicker.

Points C, E and F are the reasons no government would do this. They want to increase the power they have over us, not let it go! They would much prefer spending our money on fear (nuclear weapons) and vanity projects (HS2) and keep us in hock to the energy companies, whilst pretending to help by offering 'smart meters' which don't save us anything.

For those who have money secreted away, earning virtually no interest, you can still take back power. Get that money out and buy solar panels. Just one on the roof of my boat has cut my diesel costs by half. And for those who are more concerned about how your roof looks with panels on I would say 'get a life'! (Or more appropriately, help your planet get a life!)

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