Loo views

Loo views

Friday 5 August 2016

Good to be home

Things I love about being back on my mooring:
1. Watching the queues on the Fradley lock flight, knowing I don't have to join them.
2. Knowing where I am going to be moored tomorrow, and where the nearest water, rubbish point and shops are.
3. Using my car to go to the laundry and shops and so no humping heavy loads about.
4. Getting my garden mooring back into shape by strimming, mowing and clipping.
5. Having a big empty space behind me as the next two boats have given up the mooring.
6. Catching up with friends here and further afield.
7. Watching Bonny, happy and relaxed at home and mooching around the mooring with no lead on!
8. Getting her, my boat, my car and myself serviced.
9. Being reminded how beautiful and peaceful it is here.

I am still considering my options as far as future moorings are concerned but my feeling at present is that I'd be very lucky to find another mooring as lovely as this one.

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