Loo views

Loo views

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Frustration City!

I have not had much experience with blogs but the last one I set up seemed really straightforward to do. However there have been 'improvements' made since then and I am lost. I can't change the background, enter any info in the about me section. Ideally I want the posts to include a picture each time but it won't let me add a window for that.
I thought perhaps it was because I was trying to do it from my tablet, so this afternoon I dug my laptop out to have another go. Now my laptop is refusing to connect to the internet! It had a connection issue recently which necessitated a trip to the computer hospital and cost £80. Only a couple of weeks later and its sulking again. So it's being readmitted in the morning, hopefully at no cost.
Gosh, I hope the cruising is easier than setting this bleep bleep blog up!

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