Loo views

Loo views

Friday, 20 May 2016

Pit stop

We have been cruising for nearly 2 months now and haven't stopped for more than 2 days anywhere. It caught up with me on Tuesday, when I had a full day doing 7 locks, 6 miles, stopping for diesel at Cropredy marina and for water in the village. The locks had all been against me and had heavy gates and very stiff paddles, so by the time I stopped my neck and shoulder muscles were in spasm.

Fortunately I had reached a lovely spot at the bottom of Claydon locks, with shade for Bonny in case the sun actually came out and lovely walks. It was also wonderful to rediscover silence. I think part of my tiredness stemmed from the constant background noise from the M40 that had been present for days and days.

I am meeting friends at Calcutt Marina on the Grand Union on the 27th and I wanted to have a few quiet days first as my friends are all day cruisers and so Bonny and I are probably going to be pretty tired by the end of the two weeks or so that they are with us.

So we stopped at the bottom of the locks from Tuesday afternoon until this morning (Friday). I was going to stay longer but I'm ashamed to say I was missing my telly too much as well as blogging etc as there was virtually no reception there for either. Lord, I am such a 21st century boater! However, we haven't gone very far. Just five locks (all set in my favour at long last!) and we stopped again at the top of the hill. Reception is good and we are still within reach of the lovely walks we have been enjoying. We will stay until Sunday morning.

I am really looking forward to seeing my lovely friends Roger and Shirleyann Andrews who are coming on board for a couple of weeks. We are cruising to Stratford to visit with the Bard, before embarking on the Rivers Avon and Severn to Stourport. However it will be a big change for Bonny and I. We have been entirely solitary for all this time and so to share a pretty small space with two other people will be a challenge. Also my pattern of cruising in the morning and tying up for the rest of the day to explore and rest will not suit them. They prefer a full cruising day, sometimes not stopping until dark! So compromise will be the word of the day. However, I want them to have a brilliant holiday so I am prepared to do most of the compromising!


  1. Have a wonderful few days rest. It sounds like you deserve it. Be blessed.

  2. The real bonus of having competent friends on the boat is being able to enjoy your boat for the bow - a much different and even more peaceful cruising position. Plus there is all the help at locks etc .... Enjoy

  3. Enjoy your friends........they can do the locks . Loving the read. Max says wooof woof to Bonny xx

    1. Bonny says Hi to Max. Can he bark in Spanish yet?

  4. Too true Nev, I will embrace the new experience!