Loo views

Loo views

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Challenge didn't end!

Here we are safely moored at Calcutt. You might notice my invaluable, old ladies trolley on the pontoon? Well, I decided to visit the laundry on site. It's about the same distance away from the boat as the laundry was in Banbury! So I loaded up my trolley, having bought tokens from the office. I asked for 4 but they sold me 6. At £1 each I didn't ask why, my mistake! I found both washers empty so filled up both and put the tokens in the payment box. They flashed up 45 minutes. I looked in the helpful little laundry booklet but nowhere did it say how long a wash took. To be safe I put them both on express wash and left them to it.

45 minutes later I hiked back with Bonny only to find both machines stopped but all the washing sopping wet! I couldn't face a long walk to the office again so I started wringing out in the sink. A lovely lady moorer came to free up the drier and told me that you really need 3 tokens to complete a wash and that's why my washing was sodden! When I asked how could i know that, she replied trial and error! So having used all the rest of my tokens to complete my wash, I trudged to the office to buy more tokens for the dryer. I did mention how helpful it would be to have some indication in their booklet about how many tokens an 'express' wash took but they weren't interested.

Dragged a tired, walked out Bonny back to the laundry, loaded up the dryer with tokens and then took her back to the boat. I will return to the dryer in an hours time. If my laundry is not dry, I may well scream!!