Loo views

Loo views

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Lost and found

Bonny and I love our morning walks. They are sometimes the only constant in the day. It doesn't matter how far we are cruising or how many locks I have to do, we always walk first. It clears my mind ready for the day too. However I was reminded how important it was to carry a map and / or my phone the other morning.

I decided we would climb Barby Hill and looking at the map the path seemed to be very clear and easy to follow. What I only realised when we reached the top was that, although the path up and over was very clear, the path on the way down had been ploughed over and trying to guess where we should go was a bit scary. Here is what we could see from the top, just before we lost the path:

Then, as we were scrambling through fields trying to find our way down, this happened:

Fortunately I found the canal and followed the towpath back before the storm broke!

We left there and cruised to Napton, where there were 9 locks and a lovely little canal side shop waiting for us. Grazing in the field near the shop were water buffalo! And in the shop.... What a find!

I have never tasted water buffalo but I am looking forward to trying it!

This morning we were out for a walk and saw the perfect example of a continuous moorer!

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