Loo views

Loo views

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Flushed with success!

I was in two minds about going into the marina today as the forecast was rain and wind. I can cope with the rain, but wind against the side of a 50' narrow boat can get interesting. Particularly since, at Kings Bromley, you have to pirouette between the moored boats and then reverse onto the diesel dock. I came through Woodend Lock in a gusty rain and spent a while fishing logs out of the lock so I could open the gates. But I decided to push on and get it done.
My stomach always clenches a bit when I have to do a tricky manoeuvre, but it went really well and I brought her stern first smoothly to the dock. Fortunately no one was watching as I punched the air and said 'Yes!' in a rather boastful way.
Emptied of poo and filled with diesel and gas, I was satisfied but not finished. I still had to work so I threw Bonny in the boat for a rest (she always rides on the roof when cruising. She sees herself as an essential member of the crew). Then I changed into my Kings Bromley Marina uniform and off to clean the facilities. A couple of hours later I was done. I reopened the boat and took her into the woods to moor up for the night (hence the new view from the loo). A walk for Bonny and I am finally sitting down. Phew!
I'll go back down the flight tomorrow and then return to Kings Bromley for a staff Xmas drink. No rest for the wicked.


  1. Love your thought pattern Mandy!! Better clean the loos before I get to my Staff Christmas drink!!

    That's what I call good thinking!

  2. Well if I had a choice Sue, I'd skip the loo and just have the drink! I see from your profile you have been on the water since 2002. Wow! It's my 7th anniversary today!

  3. Yeah but you got to do a bit of work to get that Xmas drink.. Oh and the invite to the party!!

    Congrats on your anniversary Mandy!

    Well we actually started in the winter of 2000 and did our first CCers cruise over Christmas and the New Year.. That was so exciting. But I wouldn't change my home for anything else, just love it even after all these years. :D

  4. I'm with you Sue. There are challenges galore but I absolutely love life afloat