Loo views

Loo views

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Turning back

Bonny enjoying the natural cover on an embankment!

I have been cruising since April 3rd and have only turned back on myself twice. Once when I reached Thrupp on the South Oxford in May and again just the other day as I start back up the Shroppie, heading back to my home mooring at Fradley. Travelling at my usual pace, I should get there at the beginning of August.

I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. I am in my fourth month of cruising and yet it feels like I've only been out a few weeks! The cruising and mooring, walking and sitting, intense activity followed by inaction all feels so natural to me. Yes there have been challenges, both physical and mental. There have been days (especially on yet another rainy day) where I have felt quite low and other days where I want to bellow out the Michael Buble song 'Feeling good'.

I can't tell yet what changes, if any, have been wrought in me by my solitary journey. I see more clearly the changes in Bonny. She is so much more relaxed and at peace with herself and with me. She is happy mostly to stay near the boat rather than constantly looking to be somewhere else and she is more trustworthy and trusting. Having said that, she disappeared out of the above embankment this afternoon. I went to look where she had gone, only to hear a pathetic little whimper. She had been hunting by the reeds for mice and had fallen in the water. There was so much silt she could stand up, but she couldn't jump back onto the bank. That will teach her!