Loo views

Loo views

Monday, 25 July 2016

Proud of our boxes?

During this morning's cruise I passed by a small, prefab type bungalow with the biggest, most imposing entrance I have ever seen. Massive wrought iron gates with stone lions on either side, leading to a sweeping gravel driveway, leading to what was essentially a box and a pretty ugly one at that.

It set me to thinking about how proud most of us are with the boxes we live in and how much debt we are prepared to get into in order to be able to buy a box of our own. Some boxes are tiny and attached to other boxes. Some are beautifully decorated or very old. Some boxes are massive and incredibly expensive. Some are little bigger than a shoe box but because of their location they cost a fortune. But they are all basically the same; four walls and a roof that we live in.

Of course I also live in a box but mine has a huge advantage over the most imposing, expensive mansion of a box you can think of: my box isn't fastened to the ground and so I can see the world in it. So, whilst quietly sneering at the value other people place on their boxes, I am just as proud of my own!

Everybody needs somewhere to call home. Everybody needs a box of some sort. But it seems to me that the world is out of kilter when you can't buy even the smallest box without being in debt for the best part of 30 years. Worse still some people own more than one box and leave the spare empty for most of the year while there are people out there whose only box is made of cardboard. There must be a better way?