Loo views

Loo views

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Summit beauty

I was tempted to hurry off the Oxford summit level after my traumatic day, described in my last post. But it is so very beautiful here. It is very quiet - no roads, buildings or trains where I am currently moored. Few walkers either. There is a pleasant breeze, missing at lower levels and plenty of walks.

I will not linger long though as, despite a day of rain yesterday, the water level is still very low. The problem is that at one end of this pound you have the Napton Flight of eleven locks and at the other end is the five locks at Claydon. Every time a boat uses the locks they are taking water from the summit stretch. With no significant rain for months the level in the canal gets lower and lower. There is a reservoir that is used to feed the canal but it too can get very low.

If the levels become critical CRT (The Canal and River Trust) will put restrictions on which means only a certain amount of boats will be able to use the locks, in order to conserve water. I don't want to get stuck so I shall tackle the Napton Flight in the morning. It will be really good to have some water under me again!

Meanwhile, here is my view from my chair as I write this.

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