Loo views

Loo views

Friday, 9 September 2016


I have been living on land for nearly three weeks now. Mostly at Bradworthy but I also spent a few days with my step mother, brother and his kids in Lymington in the New Forest. (I only go to beautiful places!)

It's been lovely to catch up with friends and relatives. It has also been a real novelty to live in a house with mains electricity and water, not to mention broadband! Bonny and I have also really enjoyed exploring all the varied walks in this stunningly beautiful part of the country.

However, as much as I love Devon, I am starting to miss the boat a little. Even though it can be hard work and it isn't nearly as comfortable as the house I am staying in, it is home. 

This winter is going to be particularly tough as CrT are closing Junction Lock at Fradley for two whole months which means no moving the boat for diesel or pump out. That means lots of hauling of barrels instead. Not only that but my retirement looks like it is going to be short lived. Due to an unexpected change in my plan, I may have to find a job for the coming year.

So I thought I would look back to the sunlit days of my cruise and share some more photos with you.

Bonny chilling by the boat

We had some stunning sunrises and sets

Top of the South Oxford

Oh and all those walks!
And just a few more...

It was hard work sometimes

With some big locks!

And we had to be careful, especially on the rivers

But I wouldn't have missed it for the world!